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Gear & Accessories

Gear & Accessories

Feb 2, 2013

Rave/Show/Event Gear & Accessories

A great show or event can often be taken to the next level with the use of some good gear. The right outfit, some expressive colors and styles, or maybe even some toys or lights.

Looking good is only part of the battle!



Fun Show Stopping Outfits!


Sexy Rave Gear!

Data Fluid, Colorado Techno. has teamed up with iHeartRaves and EmazingLights to provide a 5% discount during purchase,  along with other fun freebies they offer.


Use the special code “COTECHNO” at checkout, and save %5 off your entire order!


LED Light Shows


LED Gloves Steal the Show!

Save a ton of money and have a much better selection than lights and gear sold at your next show. Pre purchase your toys and accessories online with iHeartRaves, and EmazingLights!